Catie McHugh — Digital Copywriter and Content Creator based in Sydney, Australia

English Premier League

Website & App

This was a truly mammoth, exhilarating task.

Optus successfully obtained the rights to the most exciting football league in the world, the English Premier League.

Under the new brand off-shoot of Optus Sport, we were tasked with launching an all-new 24-hour EPL channel, including never-before-seen content and a fully interactive web and app experience.

Taking my personal passion for English football, I worked as a lead digital copywriter in a creative team, reporting to a specialist creative director to realise the vision of a brand new home for the league in Australia.

ForOptus Sport RoleDigital Copywriter
DateAugust 2016

Optus Sport Splash Screen

Premier League Landing Page

Premier League Landing Page

Optus Sport Sign-On

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